Will My Home Insurance Cover Me in Self-Defense?

Will My Home Insurance Cover Me in Self-Defense?

There are many reasons people purchase a firearm.

The most common being for hunting or self-defense. However, it’s not always a cut-and-dry case when using your firearm to protect your family or assets—particularly in the state of California. We have stated before that the nation often looks to California, among other states, to pose as an example of gun ownership. Because of this, California is a particularly litigious state.

When using your firearm as a means of self-defense, it’s not often common that regular homeowner’s insurance will cover any damages done. For instance, if an injury and medical expenses occur due to the use of a firearm, the gun-owner will typically be found responsible to cover these costs. You may ask why, especially if an intruder was found on your property, causing you to act within your legal right to protect your home and those within it. Though this is true, the liability that comes from the actual use of your weapon still leaves you responsible for the damages done.

This is the case unless you have liability insurance. Liability insurance will protect you from bodily injury that occurs as a result of theft or accidents from your firearm being used—including the use to protect yourself or home in an act of self-defense.

When using your weapon in an act of self-defense, it is considered an “intentional act.” These acts are also not covered in a traditional homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy. If it’s your intent to own a gun for the purposes of protection, you will need to ensure you are covered by a self-defense insurance policy. Not only will this cover the use of your firearm in an act of self-defense, it will also protect you against weapons theft and the use of that gun to harm another.

Owning a firearm is complicated. It’s important to do your due diligence to research all the aspects of coverage you need when purchasing a weapon. We recommend the purchase of our platinum policy when it comes to complete firearm coverage.

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