An Unbiased Review of Safeco Insurance

“I’ve never heard of Safeco Insurance, are they any good?” 

In this article, we give you an unbiased look at a company we work a lot with, Safeco Insurance. We’ll discuss what do they do well, and where do they miss the mark.

As an independent insurance agency, we deal with a lot of companies. Some companies are national carriers, while others are smaller, regional carriers.

Each insurance carrier we work with is a top-rated company. In fact, the joke I tell people is that “If I wouldn’t feel comfortable placing my mom with these guys, I won’t offer them in the agency.”

But why does that matter? If they are so good, why haven’t you heard about them? My personal favorite is “I went online and read their reviews, and they weren’t very good.”

In this article, I want to address all of this and give you an unbiased bio of a company we work a lot with, Safeco Insurance.

I want to tell you where Safeco Insurance is great, and I also want to give you reasons why we would NOT place a customer there.


Let’s address the two common statements made by people about any carrier:

“I’ve never heard of this company.”

The reason you know about the companies you have heard from is because of their constant advertising. You’re more than likely familiar with their mascots, their jingles, or their slogans because no matter where you turn, there is a billboard, a commercial, a radio ad, or sponsorship advertisment of that company. This kind of company branding is great for name recognition and perceived trust. You’re naturally more likely to trust a company that you’ve heard of. We feel that way about the food we eat, the cars we drive, and insurance companies we pay our money to. The question I always respond back with is, “where do you think the company gets all of that advertising money from?” The short answer is “you”. Companies spend millions and sometimes billions of dollars on Super Bowl ads, event sponsorships, and more. That money comes from people like you and me paying their insurance premiums. I don’t want to sound negative about this, I like it when I say a company name, and someone says, “Oh yeah, I know who that is”. It validates certain aspects of the process. It just shouldn’t be the reason you elect to go with a company over another company, like Safeco Insurance. Some companies have a different strategy. Rather than spend millions of dollars on national advertising, they elect to rely on independent insurance agents to talk about their product. They rely on us to properly educate our clients about the products and features of a particular company. Safeco isn’t paying me to write this, and if I am being honest, if you elected not to go with them in favor of another carrier we offer, it’s no problem for us. We prefer to work for our clients, and often mention that our loyalty is to you, not the insurance carrier.

“I went online and saw bad reviews about Safeco Insurance”

You probably went online and did some research (hopefully that research brought you here to this article) and saw some bad reviews of a company. Maybe you read where they refused to pay a claim, or their rates went up even though you’re a clean driver.

Let’s address the obvious first. Odds are, if you look online, you’ll always find bad reviews of every insurance company. In fact, there are people so mad at particular companies, that they even made websites and social media pages about them.

Very few people ever have a regular experience (claims, billing, etc) then take the time to go online and write a positive review. However, on the contrary, many will quickly put their underwriting hats on and jump online the moment something bad happens. I can confidently say that for every bad review you see publicly, there are hundreds and thousands of regular, or positive company interactions that no one writes about.

Let’s also address the simple fact that if a company denies a claim, there is probably a reason why. It typically has to do with how a policy is written. For example, perhaps there is no coverage for roadside assistance on your car in case you break down. This isn’t a reflection of the company, it’s a reflection of the policy you agreed to. Insurance policies work like a calculator. They only pay out or cover anything that you’re paying a premium for.

What is Safeco Insurance Good At?


Why would we ever make a suggestion for you to be with Safeco Insurance? What would be some key indicators for us to look at to determine if it’s the best fit for you?


Honestly, for most, when it really comes down to it, this is what we want the most from any insurance company. It’s nice to save some money, but it’s even better when the company you’re with will honor a claim and pay out money fast.

Safeco Insurance has an outstanding reputation with claims. The claims department at Safeco Insurance will take great care of you by treating you fairly and making sure you’re well taken care of.

Bundled Accounts

Safeco Insurance is very price competitive when you’re putting your home and auto insurance together. Their multipolicy discount really helps bring their rates into a competitive situation.

Nurses, Teachers, Police

If you’re an RN, a police officer, or a teacher, then Safeco Insurance will give you a discount. Combine this with other policies you have, and it makes them even more competitive.

Rental Properties

If you own rental properties here in California, then Safeco is almost a slam dunk for you. Their rates on rental properties are really competitive.

Supporting Local Communities

Safeco Insurance is great at supporting local initiatives put on by local insurance agencies like ThriveSure Insurance. They are a valuable agency partner because they are always willing to provide resources for community events and local causes.

What is Safeco Insurance Bad At?

Why would we be hesitant to put someone with Safeco Insurance? There are some things that do not fit their appetite and make them harder to be competitive with?

Young Drivers

If in our discussions you mention that you have a 15-year-old who will be getting their license soon, we might suggest you not have Safeco. Why? Because their appetite for young drivers isn’t the best. They become very non-competitive on the rate compared to some other carriers we offer.

Monoline Insurance

If you’re only interested in insurance your car and nothing else, Safeco Insurance is probably not the best fit for you. They give greater discounts when your insurance is bundled together.

Tickets or Accidents

If you have had any tickets or accidents in the last three years, then we already know Safeco will not be the best fit for you. We would look to other companies who have a better appetite for your driving history.

It’s our standard at ThriveSure Insurance to always do the very best for our clients. We seek to ask questions, obtain answers, and then tailor a policy for your needs. Our love and loyalty is to our clients, and because of that, we’ll always strive to tell you the truth when it comes to different carriers

Perhaps you have read this article and believe you fit within the guidelines that make Safeco Insurance a good carrier for you. If so, we’d love the opportunity to help you.

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