I Own A Firearm: Do I Need Insurance?

I Own A Firearm: Do I Need Insurance?

Firearms are a hot topic in today’s political climate.

Despite the differing opinions on gun ownership, the fact remains: guns are legal. If you have or are considering purchasing a firearm in California, there are a few things you should know.

You Need Specialized Coverage.

Not only do you need insurance for the gun itself, you should also purchase a policy for liability purposes. The biggest misconception when it comes to gun ownership is that an average homeowner policy will cover everything—including self-defense. This is not the case. Coverage for the value of a firearm is included in traditional homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. However, home/rental insurance policies exclude what are called “intentional acts,” including self-defense.

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Consider Your Policy Limitations.

There may be sub limits to your coverage when it comes to owning a firearm. For example, should you use your firearm in an act of self-defense, your policy may affect the type of services you can receive from an attorney. For more information about the levels of coverage to consider when purchasing your insurance policy, head to this page. If you have a firearm, we recommend purchasing our platinum level.

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Should you ever use your firearm in an act of self-defense, you need to ensure you are covered by a self-defense insurance policy. Not only will this policy cover the act of self-defense, it may also cover actions where you are found to be negligent. For example, if your firearm is ever stolen and used by someone else, a self-defense policy will cover the stolen firearm, and assist with any continued court fees or liability claims.

Owning a firearm is a huge responsibility.

Many fail to consider the coverage necessary after the initial purchase. Not only do you need insurance to cover the value of the gun itself, you need additional coverage for the actual use, should it occur. It’s important to take into account what happens should you need to act to protect your family. Just as you have a firearm in place in case of danger, you also need to have the right coverage to defend your decision to use your firearm.

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