Redeem Rewards When You Refer People You Know.

Starting June 1st 2016 we here at i80 Insurance Solutions launched our brand new “Member Rewards Program” and we were stoked to say the least.

For years’ people had referred new people to us for their insurance and while we always were thankful, we never had a true formal plan in place to properly say “thank you”. Another component that we knew we wanted to step our game up in was the way we gave back to our community. We knew this area was lacking for us, so we wanted to brainstorm on ways we could reward our faithful i80 family, while still helping those in need within Solano county. We learned that our clients also wanted to get involved in the community endeavors. That is how the new referral program was birthed.

It might have taken us three years, but we think we have heard the needs of our community. Now when you refer your friends, your family members, your co-workers, or the random guy at the local CVS to our agency for their auto, home, life, or business insurance needs, you can redeem rewards. These rewards include either a $10 Starbucks gift card, a $10 Amazon gift card, or a $10 iTunes gift card. On top of that, we will make a matching donation to our featured charity.

“Charity? Tell me more”.

That’s right, every two months we will select a new local charity to partner with. These nonprofits will focus on areas that are near and dear to us. These include: Veterans groups, local police, fire, and first responder organizations, and those helping children who come from abusive situations.

At the end of the two-month cycle, we will be presenting a giant check to the organization and hopefully documenting this by video so that everyone can see the effectiveness of working together as a community.

Our goal is to help raise thousands of dollars each year for the local charities we support. We know that with our loyal clients, we can all accomplish something incredible together.

The video below is something that hits close to home for us here at i80 Insurance. We thought that our first charity needed to be something that was more personal to us. That is how we selected the “Deven Davis Scholarship Fund”

Meet Joanna Davis-Myer and Michael Witt. If you’ve ever called into our office or needed help on your policy, odds are, you’ve spoken to Michael (team bio here). Watch their story below.

“Sounds good, how do I enter and win?”

That’s a great question (if you asked it) Simply go to our website by clicking here. Fill out the simple form by entering your name, your email, and the name and phone number for the person you are referring. Select the agent that you’re referring this to, then select your gift card. Easy, simple, efficient.

Once we have been able to make contact with the other person and validate that they indeed wanted a quote, we will email you the gift of choice.

“What if they don’t buy insurance from you?”

That would be a real bummer, but we understand that while we would love to help everyone in the entire state, and eventually the world, we just cannot and will not. So even if the unlikely scenario happens where we are not able to help someone because they already have a great thing going for themselves, or their driving record, or claims history prevents us from being able to offer something new, then we will still send you your reward, and we will still make the same donation.

Here is what we don’t want. We don’t want someone going onto our site, filling out the form and referring Mickey Mouse to us. Also, we don’t want someone filling out the form for someone, which triggers us to contact them, only for that person to say “who are you?” or “what do you want?”, or worse off, “No thanks, I don’t need anything”. That would just be devastating.

Again, we are so thankful for the opportunity to continue to serve our clients and our community!

Obligatory info about i80 Insurance below.

i80 Insurance Solutions is your home for auto, home, life, and business insurance. Our team is dedicated to helping individuals and families find the best insurance products available, with the best coverage’s and protections, all at the best rate possible.

i80 Insurance Solutions is an independent insurance agency working with hundreds of different insurance companies. This allows our staff of professionals to work with our clients in an unbiased manner to recommend the solutions needed to meet your needs.

Located in downtown Vacaville, we serve all of Solano county, however, with the technology available to us, we are fortunate to serve all of California boarder to border. We can converse via phone, email, or video technology and social media always making us feel like the agency “next door”.

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