Lowrider Insurance

Lowrider Insurance


Lowriders are cut deep into American history,  the result of two very different traditions, the “California car culture” and “Hispanic culture” coming together in Southern California. Lowriders have always had a distinct  flavor and these cars in the late ’30′s were part of a revolution that changed the backdrop of one of the longest lasting car cultures on the West Coast.

By the late 1950s and early ’60s, these chopped and oh so sexy cars were hitting southern California in great numbers. The cars cruising the barrios were almost always second hand, and Chevy, Ford and other American manufacturers became the car of choice because they were easier to repair and less expensive. The spirit has always been more about looks, class and style than speed. Lowriders are now a worldwide phenomenon (argueably the fastest growing auto trend) with clubs and associations on every continent.

Insurance Engineered Specifically for Lowriders

By design, Lowriders are one off cars, from the paint to the interior work to the customized frames and hydraulic set ups leave most Insurance companies with the inability to insure these cars properly, either they will not provide coverage, or they have severely under insured it, due to the value being left to the vehicle alone without considering the extensive customization done. That’s where we come in,  i80 Insurance Solution knows the Lowrider Insurance Industry and because of that have partnered with Insurance Companies that can provide the level of coverage needed to assure that your pride and joy is going to be well handled in the event of a loss.

Some Coverage Options For Lowrider Insurance 

Agreed value loss settlement – A car can be worth more than the depreciated value listed in a price book. Once we agree on a value for your prized possession, that’s what you’ll get in the event of a total loss. There’s no depreciation or questions.

One liability charge – While most standard auto companies charge liability for every vehicle on the policy, we charge one flat rate regardless of the number of vehicles on the policy, saving you money.

New purchase coverage – Any new addition to your collection, valued up to $50,000, is covered for 30 days to allow time to formally add the car to the policy. Collectors can increase these limits.

Mileage Options – Choose the annual mileage plan that best fits how you use your car — 1,000, 3,000, 6,000 or unlimited. We know you love your Ride, Enjoy it! 

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