If My Dog Bites Someone, is it Covered on My Homeowner’s Insurance?

If My Dog Bites Someone, is it Covered on My Homeowner’s Insurance?

Dogs are called “man’s best friend” for a reason.

They provide unconditional love, companionship, and even protection. Dogs are a wonderful part of the family. However, it’s important to understand that as sweet as our dogs can be, they still maintain animal instincts. Because of this, when a dog feels threatened or scared, it could lash out in a not so friendly manner—biting. If this happens, you’ll want to know if your homeowner’s insurance will cover any damages or expenses incurred from the incident.

Dog bites are actually one of the largest claim categories paid out by insurance companies. In fact, companies have dealt with dog bites so frequently that some will not grant coverage if you own a specific breed of dog. If your dog does bite someone, it’s also possible that your coverage could be terminated or not renewed.

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There is a list of excluded breeds that insurance policies will not cover. If you own one of the dogs on this list, an insurance company will not want to offer you homeowner’s insurance, let alone cover a claim for a bite. Dogs on this list are:

  • Pitbulls
  • Rottweilers
  • German Shepherds

But what if you get a dog after your policy is already in place? Most people don’t notify their insurance provider when adding a dog to the household, but it’s important to understand the possible risks. If you have a policy and have decided to take in one of the dogs from the excluded breeds list, your policy will not cover any bites.

However, all hope for dog owners is not lost. If you have a certification in American Kennel Club training, many companies will continue to insure your home. Other providers may insure your home, just not any damages done from a dog bite. Still others may cover your home, but fail to renew your policy should a bite occur while you are under their coverage.

At i80 Insurance we love dogs. Between American Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Manchester Terrier/Rat Terrier mix and Mini Schnauzers, our entire staff owns dogs, and they can often times be found here at i80 HQ.

We know and acknowledge that the majority of dog owners treat and raise their furry family members responsibly. It is the minority that dictates the underwriting for most companies. Insurance companies have to take such a broad stance on specific dog breeds because of the amount of claims that have arisen from specific breeds.

One of the biggest perks for dog owners is the opportunity to work with an independent insurance agency, like i80 Insurance Solutions. Here, we know what companies will work with you and your furry family members to offer just the coverage you need. Give us a call today to let us know how we can help, or easily update your policy by clicking here.

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