How at i80 Insurance we don’t let a dead animal keep us from connecting with our client family. Instead we use different forms of technology to always stay in contact.

We enhance your experience with our team by leveraging awesome technology to connect with you.

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What do you do when you walk into your office to the smell of a decaying animal? You make a video and a blog post! That’s what!  That’s the position we have found ourselves in the last couple of days.  Somewhere, buried deep inside the walls of i80 HQ lies the body of a poor animal that got in some how and couldn’t find a way of escape.

No doubt, the heavy rains we’ve been experiencing this last Winter season has driven many rodents to find shelter, food, and warmth somewhere, and when you’re as cool as i80 Insurance, well you simply just can’t stay away.

The beautiful thing about being an i80 Insurance client family member, is there are a number of ways to connect with our team when you need help.

We LOVE it when people come to the office and see us! We actually prefer it! We always try to get pictures of our happy clients in the office. We know though that a lot of times it’s easier for you to get stuff done another way.

i80 Insurance has a number of ways for us to stay connected and to make sure we’re always able to take care of any issues or needs that you might have. We leverage three main tools to assist you, answer any questions you might have, and to be a resource for you.

Technology Tool #1


We know you’re a busy person. We also know that taking personal calls at work can be a challenge. We know that you probably get a lot of emails, most of which are “spam” or “junk” and end up in your email “delete” bin. That’s why we often see great success in communicating with people via text message.

Texting is quick and easy for a lot of people. You can answer or respond immediately, or at a time that’s convenient for you. You don’t have to have long conversations via text, rather you can get straight to the point.

The image above is a screen shot of our texting platform from our digital voice over IP phone system. Each and every person in the office has a direct line to their office to call. That same direct number also works as a “text” line. That’s right, now you can call, text, or even fax us at one primary number. It is stored in the same way a text message is stored on your phone. Having one primary number makes it easy for you to connect with us in the manner that’s easiest for you. We’re still here to take your phone call if need be!  Since texting is the preferred method of communication for many people, we’ve implemented some technology to make it easy for you to contact us.

Technology Tool #2


Odds are, you’re one of the 58% of Americans on Facebook. Between funny memes, pictures of food, and political arguments with strangers, we know Facebook can be an incredible tool. Hopefully you follow us on Facebook. We have leveraged the power of Facebook chat on our website. If you have a basic question, or need immediate assistance, our Facebook Messenger option on our website is a quick way to get a hold of someone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Technology Tool #3


We absolutely love it when our clients and friends come in. In fact, we prefer that to be the case in every situation. There is no substitute for shaking hands, looking at another person in the eyes, and going over their policies or questions in person. We also know that most people only get an hour for lunch, they get off work late, or have to go in early.

It’s because of this, we make it simple for you. If and when we need a document signed, we will simply email it to you for you to electronically sign. No more wasted paper, no more running to the store to get toner or printer ink, now you can simply open an email attachment, look over your documents, and electronically sign them.

It’s an easy process that only takes a few moments of your time, and the signed documents come back to us automatically and are stored in our cloud based backup for all eternity.


Contact i80 Insurance

We’re here to help you.

If you need to contact us, visit our page here for all the info you need to connect with us. You’ll see our Facebook Messenger link, our address and phone numbers (if you want to come by…although we suggest waiting a few week after the dead animal smell goes away). You’ll even be able to schedule appointments with members of our team that can happen by phone, meeting offsite for a cup of coffee (our treat) and even video. We want to be accessible in whatever manner suits your needs.

We hope to connect with you soon! In the meantime, please help us spread the word by sharing this article to your Facebook page.

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