How Can I Lower My Auto Insurance Rate in California?

How Can I Lower My Auto Insurance Rate in California?

You always want the best bang for your buck.

After all, you’ve worked hard to secure the things you own, so when you insure them, you want the best coverage for your specific needs, and of course, at the best price. You may already have great auto insurance coverage, but it is possible to lower your payment rates.

Here are a few tips to lowering your auto insurance in California:

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Shop local.

One of the best reasons for using an independent insurance provider is their ability to shop multiple carriers. If you go with one of the big box guys, you’ll be limited to only their policies. By shopping with an independent insurance agency, like i80 Insurance Solutions, you can rest easy knowing one of our trusted, dedicated agents is searching a wide database of insurance carriers and will tailor your auto insurance policy specifically to you to make sure you’re getting the best coverage at the best rate possible.

Keep policies updated.

Always inform your carrier of changes such as drivers, the number of cars under the policy, the type of vehicle you’re insuring, and even how many miles you drive. For instance, if you move or change jobs and your commute is shorter, or you decide to carpool, your insurance rates can go down based on the decrease in miles put on your vehicle.

Report your job/education.

Believe it or not, it matters to an insurance company what you do. If you are a police officer, educator, or member of the military, chances are there is a discount available to you. Also, some companies will provide a discount based on your level of education.

Bundle your policies.

This is a great way to save, not only in your auto insurance, but other policies. If you have an auto policy, make sure to bundle also with your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance. Doing so can save.

Be a good driver.

Often, the good or safe driver discount can save you up to 20 percent on your car insurance rates. If you have less than two points on your record, you are considered eligible for this deduction.

Here at i80, we strive to give you the best deal to fit your lifestyle. We not only shop for the best price, we want you to receive the best coverage to suit your individual needs. If you’d like to make adjustments to your auto insurance policy and start saving today, head to this page. And as always, feel free to give us a call directly with any questions!

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