2017 Resolutions

psx_20170102_140007Yesterday (1/2/17) we as an office held our “STRATEGY 2017” meeting. You know, the type of meeting where everyone in the office gets together and talks about the things we accomplished in 2016, and all of the cool stuff we are preparing to do in 2017. To see how we can further our mission of becoming the go-to for all things “California insurance”.

We started bright and early at 8:30am. The coffee was hot, the bagels were semi-fresh, and the donut holes were bountiful. Collectively as a team (service department, and sales department) we each went around the table and discussed the challenges we faced in the year previous, and ways we can improve.

The goal for i80 Insurance Solutions in 2017 is deliver a “WOW” experience! We realize our customers can do business with anyone, there must be a distinct reason why they entrust us to take care of them. Our mission this year is to find more and more of those reasons.

In December, we sent out a short survey to everyone in our database asking them for feedback. We wanted to know where we were excelling, and what we needed to work on. It’s very easy for us to develop an opinion of what our clients and raving fans want, but until you ask them directly, we have found that it’s mainly guessing.

We were actually kind of surprised at the results we received! We learned that the majority of our client’s value having “the strongest coverage possible” over “having the cheapest rate”. We learned that 39% of our followers want to be communicated with by “email only”, while 55% said they want to either be called or sent a text message.



In the end, we learned A LOT more about our followers, fans, and i80 family members. Below are a few action items that you can expect to see from us as we seek to improve upon what we’re doing.


We were told inexplicably, that you want to hear from us MORE! In fact, we were told that you would like to hear from us at least once a month regardless if you have a service issue or any particular need.

So….our plan moving forward is to talk more. Immediately, my mind pictures Ned Ryerson from Groundhog Day, BING! You know the guy who only wants to talk about and sell you more insurance? Here is the thing, no one likes “that guy”. No one likes to be “sold” anything. We get that. Our plan is different, in that we want to take some time and educate the public on the misnomers and misconceptions on insurance, but more important than that, we want you to know more about who we are, and why we do the things we do.

For instance, did you know that one of our current team members bowls almost a 200 average? Or that another can recite from memory the entire first half of Dumb and Dumber? The point is, you do business with people. People that are only a phone call, text, email, Facebook message away. People who have big, fun personalities. We think that’s pretty awesome, and we want to tell you more about them.



Every week, you can expect to see two written blogs on our website. One blog with be an informative piece that will offer some education, tips, and FAQs regarding insurance. The other blog will feature something that is going on with our team, or what we’re doing in our community. Each article that we write will come with a video that summarizes or enhances what we’re talking about.


Also, once a month, you can expect to see a short e-newsletter in your email inbox. Before you roll your eyes and sigh and quickly look for that “unsubscribe” button, let us just say that our monthly newsletter will be AWESOME! They will be very short, to the point, full of fun and authentic points of view. They will feature more pictures and videos than anything, so you can see the content when and how you prefer to see it. Each newsletter will have a 60 second agency update from someone on our team, it will feature



 In 2016 we launched the design of some flat brim hats that we gave away to people. We saw that a lot of people wanted a cool hat, and what’s cooler than a hat from your insurance agent? Ok, so maybe that wasn’t the reason why people wanted one, but we saw a big demand for more cool hats and gear.

 In 2017 and every year after, we want to institute “The Shirt”. This soft cotton blend top will serve as a “thank you” to all of our new clients. There is actually a lot more to this, and a lot more that will be done with it, but I think it almost is best that we don’t divulge all of that just yet. Just know, we want to make sure that when we say things like “welcome to the family”, that it goes beyond just on-boarding new clients. We genuinely want you to feel as though you are a part of a larger, growing, supportive family here at i80 Insurance.


Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. While we can catch 99% of the needs that are sent our way, we understand that sometimes business gets done at different times of the day. Sometimes, while you’re binge watching House of Cards on Netflix at 2am, you might need to get a copy of your latest insurance ID card. Or, if you’ve been involved in an accident at 10pm, talking to a live person at any time is critical to you. We understand that. So, we’re going to address that. Soon you’ll be able to access any document that you need from the i80 Website. Also, we’ve already implemented a 24 hour access line that will connect you with a live person. That’s right, no ore machines, no more waiting for the beep, or having to deal with a full voice mail box, now you can call our office at any time, on any day and you will be connected to a live person. The good news, these people all live and work here in the good ol’ US of A.


California insurance team

In 2016 we hired four new people! We saw the addition of Michael (protection strategist), Lisa (in house claims concierge), Tara, and Serena (service team). While we were pumped to grow our staff and team, we understand that we’re not done. Our hope for 2017 is to hire one more service member to the squad to make sure our customer service levels are always at an A+. In addition to that, we hope to hire a specialist in the area of commercial insurance.

We feel as though these new hires will really round out our team and allow us to do so much more for our clients. Our long-term goal is that for any person who lives in the beautiful state of California, that when they think about “insurance”, they think about i80 Insurance Solutions.

Our motto is, “Insurance at the speed of your life”. And in 2017, we’re excited to take another step forward with that being the mission. We offer California insurance products that meets the coverage needs of our clients. These products include: auto, home, life, and business insurance. For more information, please call our office, or connect with us on social media

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