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Insurance Products We Provide


Auto Insurance

Our team will compare the rates of all the top companies to make sure you have the best coverage at the most affordable rate.


Home Insurance

We shop your home policy to make sure you have great coverage with multi-policy discounts on your auto and home.


Business Insurance

We help businesses reduce their risks and insurance costs by providing options for business and work comp insurance.


Life Insurance

We provide multiple options from the top companies to offer the most budget friendly life insurance options.


Motorcycle and Boat

We work with A-rated companies to offer you competitive options for your motorcycle or boat insurance.


Classic Car Insurance

We offer multiple budget friendly options from the top companies to cover the full value of your classic car or hot rod.

We Offer Multiple Options From The Top Carriers

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How Do We Compare To Other Companies?

ThriveSure vs GEICO

ThriveSure was able to give me a way better option on my insurance versus GEICO. The attention to detail and the way that they genuinely cared about my needs and answered my questions was awesome.

ThriveSure vs Allstate

When I needed life insurance, I tried to call my agent, but getting in touch with them was hard. When I contacted ThriveSure, they were accessible, and were able to issue a life policy for me the same day.

ThriveSure vs USAA

Being in the military you're told "You have to use USAA?" That is a lie that so many people buy into. When I needed to get insurance for my home, I found the policy and rates were way better with ThriveSure.

What Others Are Saying

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""Here at ThriveSure, we believe that offering you the best insurance policies at the best current rates, and the tools to manage them on your own empowers you, and allows you to live your best life""

— Nicholas Ayers - Founder, ThriveSure

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the best insurance rate possible?

Because ThriveSure Insurance is an independent insurance agency, we can make sure you are with the company that has the best rate for you. Another way is to make sure we are putting all of your policies together to maximize your discounts.

How is ThriveSure any different than getting insurance online?

When you deal with ThriveSure, you get to enjoy all of the features you would with an online company. However, what makes ThriveSure different is you still get to deal with a trusted professional who will give you wise advice, direction and multiple options so that you can make the best decision possible.

How does ThriveSure "empower me"

It used to be that when you wanted to make a change on your policy, you had to do it within the office hours of your insurance company. With ThriveSure, we allow you to make the needed adjustments to your insurance policy. From any device, 24/7/365 you can manage your policies which allows you more time and freedom. We believe you should have more control when it comes to your insurance.

How many companies do you shop with?

At ThriveSure we shop your rates for auto, home, life, and business insurance with hundreds of the nations top insurance companies. This allows us to always offer you the best coverage at the best rate.

Why haven't I heard of some of your companies?

ThriveSure only works with the nations top carriers. Those with sound financial backings and reputations. Some of these companies are household names that have been a around for generations. Because there are thousands of carriers, there is a good chance that some of them are unknown to the public. This is because they choose not to advertise in traditional ways like Super Bowl commercials or internet ads. Rather, they only work with independent insurance agencies like ThriveSure.

Does ThriveSure help me with service and claims?

Short answer: yes. ThriveSure helps you make any changes needed to your policies. When you have a claim, we will help make the connection to your companies claims department and be there to help you get a claims adjuster assigned.

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